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If you work in aviation ground support, you know that the right equipment in the hangar can help with efficiency and the accuracy of your work. You need to protect yourself and your co-workers and contractors against the perils of working in such a changeable environment.

In aircraft maintenance, low-hanging components, the presence of fuel, high-powered engines, propellers and the need to work at height over concrete ramps presents a myriad of dangers.

SafeSmart Aviation provides solutions to help alleviate these dangers, and increase worksite efficiency at the same time. We occupy a very specialist yet essential part of the aviation GSE landscape – providing access products which are weather-resistant, robust, lightweight enough to be moved by hand and completely customizable for each aircraft’s shape, size and maintenance schedules.

Client Stories - a Track Record of Satisfaction

Through our case studies, explore what SafeSmart Aviation have done for major clients’ safety and efficiency around hangars throughout the world. To start making your maintenance facility work this way, with customized aviation GSE for all MROs, talk to a representative today.

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SafeSmart Aviation are a trusted partner in height safety for several major MROs around the world. From civil to defense, we are approached daily to provide solutions to the challenges that many technicians face when maintaining aircraft, from scaling heights to storing aviation GSE.

Is your hangar or ramp safe? Feel free to get in touch with us for a site safety audit and a customised design delivered and installed to site.

SafeSmart Aviation: Reaching New Heights in aircraft maintenance safety.

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SafeSmart Aviation are the global leaders in strong yet portable height access solutions for all subsectors of the aviation industry. From our off the shelf lines, to our custom solutions, all products are guaranteed to comply to regulations and standards for the country or region which they are made for.

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