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In defense, keeping a strict maintenance schedule is critical for keeping aircraft combat-ready; what happens on the ground affects performance in the sky. But even with the strictest standards and tightest of turnaround times, safety for personnel on the ground is as important as it is for those flying sorties and the people they protect. Trace back the process, and injuries sustained in the hangar will have an upwards-domino effect on productivity and the ability to accurately service an aircraft. That’s when accidents happen. With added situational stresses that military aircraft experience, you can add another helping of danger.

This concern needs solving by the use of aircraft maintenance equipment that helps technicians gain close access working areas of the airplane or rotary aircraft, as well as preventative features that protect them from falls from height.

For defense clients all around the world, the answer is with SafeSmart Aviation, the leaders in safe and compliant height access that increases not only safety but also productivity.

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  • Those Who Trust Us

    Whether it’s for aircraft maintenance equipment for Marines, Air Force, Navy or Army, one thing is for sure: SafeSmart Aviation are the trusted consultants and manufacturers when it comes to customized work platforms, steps, stairs, ladders or any other equipment that helps mechanics get the job done quickly and safely. With many modular or foldable solutions, made from strong high grade aluminum that is easy to position and adjust, SafeSmart Aviation are considered as partners in hangar safety for:

    • US Army
    • US Air Force
    • US Marines
    • US Navy
    • ADF (Australian Defence Force – Air Force, Army and Navy)
    • New Zealand Navy
    • Royal Air Force

Custom Shop for Air Defense Access Equipment

SafeSmart Aviation’s custom build capabilities are second-to-none. With an in-house design team and factories that operate under a stage-by-stage quality check manufacturing process, SafeSmart Aviation provides and almost endless scope for creating unique and once-off aircraft maintenance equipment and high access work platforms for any aircraft.

It is this approach that keeps our defense clients coming back to us, for access equipment to suit new acquisitions and when aircraft is modified or going through MRO processes.

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