Custom Workshop Access Platform, Port Melbourne

The Challenge, Solution and Result

The Challenge

A Victoria-based aircraft parts manufacturer had some existing workshop platforms for accessing various aircraft components. A new design was needed to incorporate some features which would make the platforms more versatile and efficient.

The Solution

The client contacted Safesmart Aviation to see how they could improve the platform features. With a tight deadline, SafeSmart Aviation’s design team and internal engineers were assigned the case and came up with a great solution. Incorporating elements such as tool holders, protective rubber buffers, a fold-up top step, and a holder for a jig when not in use, made the new platform more versatile for multiple uses and suited both taller and shorter users much more efficiently & safely.

The Result

The client was impressed with the combination of high-quality design capabilities and more so were very pleased that efficiency and productivity had increased.

SafeSmart Aviation now has the product added to the Airplane Access category of the website, with more specific details, as a reference for global aviation operators who may have similar applications.

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