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 Custom Work Stands for Access to Every Aircraft

At SafeSmart Aviation, we understand the need to adhere to safety regulations around the hangar or ramp. This isn’t just obligatory – when an effort is made to increase the safety of a worksite, you can save expensive downtime due to ground support personnel injury and increase maintenance efficiency.

Whether you are in procurement for defense aviation maintenance, run a private aviation business or subcontract for a major airline every minute of the day equates to money. So don’t use the excuse of possessing unique aircraft for not accommodating correct access at height around it. With an in-house custom design team, and a deep knowledge of all aircraft manufacturers’ models and variants, SafeSmart Aviation are the premier specialists in creating one-off solutions that are robust, portable and effective.

This custom maintenance platform capability is a global offering, so contact us today to speak to your nearest representative.

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  • Access All Areas

    SafeSmart Aviation can and do design highly-manoeuvrable and weather-resistant access equipment for maintaining all parts of the aircraft:

    • Tail Docking Platforms – access stabilizers for thorough and safe maintenance
    • Nose Docks
    • Reach Deck Platforms – for non-contact access over engine housings between twin dorsal fins, like those on the –
      • McDonnell Douglas FA18, F-15
      • Lockheed Martin F-35 and F-22
      • Sukhoi PAK FA, SU-35 Flanker
      • Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II
      • And the like.
    • General Purpose Maintenance Stairs – for access to wheel wells, landing gear, side doors, under-belly hatches.
    • Helicopter Side Platforms – full non-contact access to top-mounted engines from the side without having to stand on the fuselage or cowlings.

    All of these products were developed from scratch as a response to specialized client requirements.

Previous Custom Commissions

In civil, defense, air freight and emergency sectors, SafeSmart Aviation have been commissioned for custom maintenance platform design and manufacture all across the world.

SafeSmart Aviation’s clients have ranged from regional operators to major airlines and their contractors. And major defense forces look to us to help them better-maintain their current and new acquisitions.

United States Army Blackhawk Helicopters
Qantas A380

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    Their challenge with this aircraft was the unavailability of height access equipment for that specific model of airplane.

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  • SkyWest

    SkyWest bolstered the fleet with this aircraft to help accommodate the demands of the corporate market.

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