The Challenge, Solution and Result

The Challenge

Utah-based SkyWest—one of North America’s busiest domestic short-hop small capacity airlines— acquired new aircraft in the form of the Embraer CRJ 200, 700 and 900. SkyWest bolstered the fleet with this aircraft to help accommodate the demands of the corporate market, as a partner with United Airlines, Delta Airlines, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines.

SkyWest’s busy schedule required an aircraft that was fast (top speed of Mach 0.78) and was able to be maintained in a fast turnaround time. The fleet already featured aircraft from the Embraer offering that was similar—35-40 seater with rear-mounted engines—to the CRJ series, along with maintenance platforms to suit. However, minor differences in engine position and fuselage shape meant that new platforms needed designing and building in order to still comply with ground support health and safety requirements.

The Solution

SafeSmart Aviation went to the site and took measurements and specifications of the CRJ200; dimensions taken were also applicable to the 700 and 900. Within a matter of days, a design was ready and the client was happy to sign off on their customized maintenance platform, complete with highly durable aluminum construction, easily manoeuvrability by hand and a new level of access that gets technicians up to the engines at the perfect height, all without the unit coming into contact with any part of the aircraft.

The platform also features enough space to hold tools, to save the technicians the time-wasting and painstaking task of clambering up and down in order to swap tools. The platform was also designed to be easily folded and safely placed well away from the aircraft when not in use.

The Result

Delighted with the experience, SkyWest now look to SafeSmart Aviation for new ways of making the ramp and hangar safety, all while increasing efficiency.

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