The Challenge, Solution and Result

The Challenge

Qantas, one of the safest airlines in the world, is one of SafeSmart Aviation’s most loyal clients. SafeSmart have designed and supplied maintenance platforms – like those for the A380 fleet – and custom designed access equipment for Qantas for a variance of aircraft types. So when an injury was sustained by a mechanic tripping over a wheel chock, Qantas looked to SafeSmart first for a solution.

After the incident, the Airport Corp advised ramp operators including Qantas to immediately look for a way to make the ramp safer in regards to moveable loose items such as wheel chocks and safety cones. Like any operator, these objects are sometimes transported around the airport by Qantas via a utility vehicle, often mixed up with a number of other items. The lack of specialised infrastructure encourages workers to leave loose hand-held GSE lying around the tarmac when not in use.

The Solution

The utility vehicle option also meant that sometimes productivity and efficiency was jeopardised by the fact that the vehicle was often away being used for something else. SafeSmart Access’ designers came up with a dedicated chock trolley that is easily manoeuvrable by hand, gets the objects off the ground at all times when not in use.

The Result

This is another case of what was normally an unseen safety issue being identified by a client, and an opportunity for SafeSmart to provide the solution and raise awareness in the sector at the same time.

Since the prototype trolley was developed for Qantas, SafeSmart are now receiving several significant expressions of interest from other ramp operators both in Australia and overseas.

SafeSmart have had to move fast and develop and flat pack-able version to accommodate international orders.

All clients who acquire this product are now enjoying faster chocking and coning procedures and efficiency on the ramp, and the ute is off doing something more useful.

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