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A Matter of Civil Sector Safety

The civil aviation sector has seen a rapid increase in size over the last twenty-five years or so. The introduction of budget airlines and more frequent short-hop routes that are more like local land travel in their nature and affordability has meant a greater demand for the aircraft itself as well as maintenance personnel. Air transport is no longer a privilege for just a lucky few.

At SafeSmart Aviation, we understand the needs of the civil aviation sector, and we are on hand to help all airlines increase their productivity and safety around the hangar with aircraft stands that are tailored to any model of aircraft.

From a Cessna Skyhawk to an Airbus A380, we understand every civil aircraft and their maintenance demands. SafeSmart Aviation produces thousands of products around the world that suit each and every aircraft and maintenance task.

With some of the globe’s leading airline companies on board, SafeSmart Aviation continue to bring the benefits of robust yet hand manoeuvrable aluminum steps, stairs, ladders and platforms to the hangars and ramps of their maintenance facilities.And they keep coming back.

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  • The Flying Kangaroo, for Example

    It’s not enough for the world’s safest airline, Qantas, to simply rest on their track record. In alignment with us, they are always looking for safer and more efficient ways of carrying out ground maintenance so that their Boeing and Airbus fleet can spend more time strengthening their business in the air, rather than eating into gains on the ground. SafeSmart Aviation are repeatedly consulted with by Qantas’ maintenance team, for hangar assessments of new aircraft or when safety regulations change. We have become a trusted partner in GSE and safety for them. Read more here.

    Read about our global civil clients here.

Any Passenger Aircraft
– All Regulations Covered

With a constant connectivity to the sector, and anticipatory approach to designing aircraft maintenance platforms for new civil aircraft, SafeSmart Aviation has amassed an enormous knowledge of brands and models from all manufacturers. No matter where you are in the world, all standard and customized products will comply to your safety regulations.

We know these regulations back to front in all regions, particularly HSE WAHRS (UK) and those outlined by OSHA (USA) and CASA (Australia). It is these regulations which govern the development and design of our products.

See our aircraft selector here. If you don’t see your aircraft, ask for a customized solution.

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    Qantas, one of the safest airlines in the world, is one of SafeSmart Aviation’s most loyal clients.

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  • WestJet Encore

    Their challenge with this aircraft was the unavailability of height access equipment for that specific model of airplane.

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  • SkyWest

    SkyWest bolstered the fleet with this aircraft to help accommodate the demands of the corporate market.

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