Having designed, manufactured and installed a customized solution at LAX, SafeSmart Aviation got a chance to get an update on the effect the products were having on the maintenance efficiency of their Boeing 787 aircraft.

United Airlines continued their safety meetings around the USA bases with a day at LAX last week, where vendors were invited to display their products and United staff encouraged to see what products are available to improve safety on the job.

SafeSmart had their new Super Duty A-Frame Aviation Platforms with telescopic handrails, Aviation Chock and Cone Trolley and the folding refuellers’ platform, complete with full surround handrail, on display.

During the day, SafeSmart’s Mark Johnson and Shane Wearmouth mingled with United’s MRO staff, where they received extremely positive feedback about their previous commissioned work.

“It was a good chance to catch up with Scott Stopper from the ORD base, and other line service techs to further refine their chock and cone organizer carts,” said Shane. “Terry, from the maintenance division, was there with several other technicians and commented on the recent installation of the off-wing and on-wing 787 platforms.”

“We used to have four guys to remove the rear mounts,” said Terry, “now we can do it with just one or two with those new platforms!”

You can read about how SafeSmart Aviation developed United’s access equipment for their B787 fleet here.

A beautiful day at LAX for United to talk to suppliers about ground safety:

Just a sample of SafeSmart Aviation's designs on display: