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Protecting the Protectors

In defense forces around the world, training and combat strategies rely on support from the air in order to be effective. Reconnaissance, search and rescue and bolstering a ground or sea offensive from the sky can be critical, and the aircraft involved needs to be in A1 condition for absolute readiness.

On the base, maintaining the welfare of ground crew is a crucial part of running maintenance activities to schedule – give the technician easy access to heights through easily-manoeuvred access equipment and protect them from falls with compliant edge protection, and speed of which the job is done will increase. For defense, SafeSmart Aviation are the customized maintenance platform providers for many of the world’s major military forces. SafeSmart is seen as a trusted source of worksite safety consultancy for Air Force, Marines, Army and Naval aviation bodies, and a provider of work platforms that get the technician as close as possible to the work area without the GSE touching the aircraft.

In charge of defense aircraft maintenance? From anywhere in the world talk to Safesmart Aviation representative now.

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  • All Defense Aircraft – Select

    SafeSmart Aviation has close understanding of all current and upcoming military aircraft and their maintenance needs. With a constant presence at some of the world’s biggest defense equipment exhibitions as well as close ties to acquisitions officers and highly-ranked personnel, we are constantly engaged with the developments in new aircraft and variants on existing models. It is this knowledge that informs our design capabilities for maintenance platforms, aircraft stairs, tails docking systems and other GSE.

    See our aircraft selector to enquire about a compatible access solution for your fleet.

A Customized Approach

SafeSmart Aviation’s in-house design team, combined with field representatives who offer on-base safety assessments anywhere in the world, are always looking for new ways to increase safety and efficiency in the hangar or on the ramp.

Our custom build process includes consultation, measure-up and the production of CAD drawings, and then a fast-turnaround manufacturing process upon signoff.

Delivery and Mobility

Acquire – from our factory, our products are deployed to base fast, including onsite assistance with best practice for installation, which includes staff training by SafeSmart Aviation representatives.

The modular and lightweight nature of many of our solutions—thanks to the use of high grade aluminum—means that they arrive to base quickly and cost-efficiently.

Maintain anywhere – this is also beneficial for remote or temporary stationing. If aircraft are being stationed for engagement away from the home base, obligations for compliance can still be upheld with SafeSmart Aviation’s products – most products are foldable, compact and lightweight, so packing them into transport craft is fast and space-efficient. All of our products are robust, weather-resistant and are aimed at helping with maintenance turnaround times, so aircraft are always ready to engage at the drop of a hat.

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Acquire Safety with a SafeSmart Aviation Maintenance Platform

SafeSmart Aviation deals with military acquisition personnel every day, and solves their access issues around aircraft. To enquire about an existing product or a customized maintenance platform, contact us.

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